Sugery Gone Wrong

Surgery Gone Wrong?


In the UK we enjoy some of the finest healthcare in the world, but sometimes things have gone wrong. If you have had surgery (in the last 3 years) which has gone wrong you may have a claim. If surgery has caused scarring or organ damage our specialist sollicitors will be able to help call the Medical Accident Group

Medical Accident Claims

0800 050 1666

'Clinical negligence' is a highly specialised field.  The term clinical negligence (often referred to as medical negligence) is a term used to cover a wide variety of problems arising out of surgery that has gone wrong.  It is simply a legal term used to describe where a patient has been harmed due to a medical accident, where a healthcare professional did not give the correct standard of care.  It is not always the case the the medical professional is incompetent, but it could simply mean that they made a mistake.


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